Surgeon Education

Here are the TOP 10 Surgeon Education colleges in the US of A. Most of the surgeon courses offer residency programs, and surgeon internships.

This list is compiled after extensive research and feedback derived from a number of students, past and present, including oral surgeon, orthopedic surgeons, orthopaedic surgeon, surgeon tech, surgeon doctor, surgeon assistant, surgeon oncologist, surgeon dentist and surgeon general, etc.

A surgeon salary is amongst the highest wages that any job pays. It lies between US$ 240,000 to US$ 265,000 for the year. A surgeon assistant salary is also amongst the highest that an assistant draws in the country. A surgeon career affords a luxury surgeon lifestyle with short surgeon work hours, hence the great demand for quality Surgeon Education.

Surgeon Education

The number 1 surgeons training program is : Johns Hopkins University
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The number 2 surgeon career course is : Ohio State University
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The number 3 surgeon colleges is : University of Florida
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The number 4 surgeon training degree is : Columbia University in New York
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The number 5 surgeon internship program is : Michigan State University
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The number 6 surgeon courses is : Emory University
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The number 7 surgeons degree is : Harvard University
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The number 8 surgeons career class is : University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
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The number 9 surgeons education is : University of Washington-Seattle Campus
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The number 10 surgeon university is : Northwestern University
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