Nursing Travel Agencies.
The TOP 10. Best of the Best.

There are over 400+ Nursing Travel Agencies in the USA. WOW! That shows the potential Travel Nursing has.

Do all of them deliver good results? Well, NO. They don't. A few travel nursing agencies deliver TOP CLASS results. While "most" others do not.

Now, which ones should YOU apply to?

Yeah, that's right.

The Best of the Best.

You DO want TOP CLASS results, right?

We rate Agencies on the following criteria:

Dedicated Recruiters || Recruiter Experience || Customer Service || Premium Facilities || Percentage of Successful Placements || Salary || Signing Bonus || Personalized Assistance || Relocation Assistance ||

Relocation Reimbursement || Furnished Housing || Companion/Pet Accompany Free || Paycheck. When & How Often || Medical, Dental & Vision || Life Insurance || Company Matched 401-k Plan ||

Malpractice Insurance || Paid Time Off || Comprehensive Benefits || Continuing Education Credits || Travel Expense Reimbursement || Referral Bonus || Work Shift Choice || Work Hours a Week || Overtime Pay ||

Discounts on Products & Services || Protection Against Cancellation || Licensure Reimbursement || Completion Bonus || 24 x 7 Emergency Support Number.

TOP 10 Nursing Travel Agencies 2017

So, here is the list of the TOP 10 Nursing Travel Agencies. Researched, Compiled and Published, with real feedback from Travel Nurses like you. Do yourself and your breed a favor...

...Please Vote For Your Favorite Travel Nursing Agencies.


5 rating is Excellent, 4 is Very Good, 3 is Good, 2 is Okay and 1 is Bad.

An average score is computed from the ratings given to the 30 criteria listed above, for each agency.

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The # 1 Travel Nursing Agency:


Job Search:

Rating: 4.97

The # 2 Travel Nursing Company:

Health Providers Choice

Job Search:

Rating: 4.91

The # 3 Nursing Travel Agency:

PPR Travel

Job Search:

Rating: 4.88

The # 4 Nurse Staffing Agency:

American Traveler

Job Search:

Rating: 4.72

The # 5 Nursing Travel Agencies by far is:

IPI Travel

Job Search:

Rating: 4.66

The # 6 Traveling Nurses Company:

Elite Travel Nurse

Job Search:

Rating: 4.52

The # 7 Travel Nurse Agency:

Critical Nursing Solutions Inc.

Apply: Nursing jobs
Job Search:

Rating: 4.48

The # 8 Nursing Travel Agency:

Advantage RN

Job Search:

Rating: 4.42

The # 9 Travel Nurse Staffing Agency:

One Staff Medical

Job Search:

Rating: 4.39

The # 10 Travel Nursing Company:

Premier Healthcare Professionals

Job Search:

Rating: 4.26

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This list is updated frequently, so please visit often for the Latest TOP 10. Bookmark this Page. (Just hold down the "CTRL" key and touch "D").

You are sure to find "n" number of TOP 10 lists. Our list of the TOP 10 Nursing Travel Agencies is as close to reality as possible. We've left no stone unturned to make it that way. It's been our PASSION after all.

A Travel Nursing Agency receives payment from the Hospital or Nursing Home for a job vacancy that they've helped fill. The Nurse that filled that vacancy then receives her / his payment from the Agency after they've deducted their own profit. Thus, 2 agencies offering to fill the same job vacancy may offer differing amounts to a Nurse, depending upon what they keep aside for themselves.

Another critical factor is the kind of perks offered. An Agency disburses perks to a Nurse out of her own salary.

So, they may provide "luxury housing" that's "next door" to her place of work, but a much lower salary in-hand, while another may provide "ordinary (even shared) housing" that's "far" from her place of work, but, a much higher salary in-hand.

There needs to be a fine balance between two extremes; and for you, as a Nurse to decide what's more important.


If you've had an experience with an agency, either GOOD or BAD, then Please Vote & Tell Us About It.

This will help us in our efforts to constantly update this TOP 10 list.

If you have any suggestions or queries, Please Contact Us.

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