Guide To Nursing Jobs in California

Are you searching for Nursing Jobs in California? And, landed up on Job Boards that list a number of Nursing Jobs California, with none that interest you?

Sifting through each & every listing on the search page, not only takes up your valuable time, but also makes you feel frustrated, and gives Zero Results. Well, don't worry.

What you need is a FRIEND who will lend you a helping hand and guide you every step of the way, and, give you invaluable data and information to search, apply and secure your DREAM "California Nursing Jobs".

I am Shabbir and along with my wife Fatema, will guide you all the way. You will find below some exclusive information, that will place you well ahead on the path to realize lucrative Nursing Jobs in California. Please follow and "DO" each step. Tortoise it. Slow, but steady will win you the Job of your Dreams.

I have outlined several active as well as passive ways, which if followed to the "T" will collectively result in a number of TARGETED interviews for you. Then, "YOU" will be in the position to choose "THE JOB" for you. YOUR DREAM JOB. So, without much ado, let's jump right in and begin...

First. Bookmark this Page about Nursing Jobs in California. (Just hold down the "CTRL" key and touch "D").

Nursing Jobs in California

[STEP 1]: Write a Good Resume:
A resume should be able to impress, in less than 15 seconds. An impressive Resume, gets the interview call. There's no doubt about that.

Some Resume Tips, specifically for California Travel Nursing:

  • Highlight your positive points and strengths.
  • Make sure to use the right keywords, (for online searches) power keywords that will bring your resume in front of others.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Two to three pages long, maximum.
  • No hobbies please.

Is it done? Submit Your Resume to us and we'll send it across to some of our contacts in Recruitment Agencies.

[STEP 2]: Job Boards - Resume Submit: Very widely used by seekers of Nursing jobs in California.

Submit your latest resume to these online job boards. They are extremely popular, and are used by the HR Managers & Executives of the best Nursing Homes & Hospitals in California to search for prospective candidates. It will give you a much deserved lead in securing lucrative Nursing California Jobs.

The websites listed below have a registration form where you should upload your Resume and enter other details. (Click on the link to register):






[STEP 3]: Nursing Staffing Agencies - Resume Submit: Specialists in California Nursing Jobs.

The California Nurse Staffing Agencies listed below are highly reputed & efficient. They have a registration form where you should upload your Resume and enter other details. (Click on the link to register):

  • PPR Travel:

  • Elite Travel Nurse:

  • Cirrus Medical Staffing:

  • Aya Healthcare:

  • Core Medical Group:

Be sure to apply to the TOP 10 Nursing Travel Agencies...Ensure you get into the leading travel company.

[STEP 4]: Top California Hospitals & Nursing Homes - Resume Submit: Submitting your Resume to these will ensure you apply to jobs at nursing homes & private duty nursing jobs, amongst other Nurse and Nursing Assistant Jobs. There are substantial job vacancies for LPN Nursing Jobs in California too.

  • Alta Bates Medical Center - Sutter Health, Ashby Campus:

  • Healthcare District - Palm Beach County:

  • Kaiser Permanente Hospital - South Sacramento:

  • Kaweah Delta Health Care District - Visalia:

  • California Medical Hospital Center - Dignity Health, San Andreas:

[STEP 5]: Classified Sites - Job Search:

A "Jobs Available" section exists in online Classified sites.

You can browse these to locate Travel Nursing California Jobs that fit in with what you're searching for. (Where required, enter the Location of your choice.)

  • Oodle:

  • eBay Classifieds:

  • LinkedIn:

  • Craigslist:

[STEP 6]: Email Alerts: Register yourself to receive matching Jobs Alerts via Email.

  • PJScout.Com:



You'll find some of the most lucrative California nursing jobs by clicking the banner below:

Workcircle - find work fast

Some of the popular and in-demand Nursing Jobs in CA are:

  • Staff nurses, Emergency nurses, Intensive Care Nurses,
  • Pediatric nurses, Dental care nurses, Dialysis Nurse,
  • Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Assistant,
  • Labor Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse,
  • Oncology Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist,
  • Cardiology Nurse, Nursing Care Assistant.

The above exclusive information will help you locate Nursing Jobs in California in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakfield and Bakersfield amongst other locations.

California is renowned the world over for its beautiful warm weather, sunny beaches and Hollywood. With a Nursing Job in California you get to enjoy all this and more...

If you have any suggestions or queries, Please Contact Us.

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