Neurologist Salary

A neurologist salary ranges from $190,000 to $200,000 annually. A neurologist surgeon makes about $200,000 per annum whereas a neurologist specialist makes about $195,000 a year.

The brain and the nervous system is one of the most intricate networks in our body. This system requires doctors who can work with precision and unyielding concentration. Neurology is the branch of medicine that is concerned with the study and treatment of the nervous system. 

Ever wondered about neurologist meaning and what do they do?

Well, a neurologist definition is a person who performs exams and surgeries that are related to the brain, nervous system, nerves, muscles and spinal cord. In case of an emergency, it makes life so much easier to find a neurologist near me and you!

Neurologist meaning in hindi is: न्यूरोलॉजिस्ट (pronounced as: noorologist) which means नस विद्या (nass vidya) or the science of the nerves/ nervous system.

Taking care of such an important part of the body is no easy task and this is why neurologists are one of the highest paid doctors.

If you are a neurologist doctor, looking to work in well-known neurologist hospitals, we are going to make it very easy for you. have assembled a list of the best recruiting firms and agencies in the USA that will allow you to apply for your dream neurologist job.

Best Recruiting Firm = Highest Neurologist Salary

The list of the 10 best recruitment agencies and firms will be very useful! We also guarantee that these are accredited, certified and registered firms with solid feedback from neurologist Tampa, neurologist Greenville SC, neurologist Houston, neurologist Dallas, neurologist Fort Worth, neurologist Columbus, neurologist NYC and many more near me and you across the USA.

The top 10 staffing agencies and firms looking to place neurologist specialists are:

The # 1 Neuroscience Recruiting Agency – Rosman Search
Job Search:

The # 2 Neurologist Physician Recruitment – Medicus Firm
Job Search:

The # 3 Healthcare Company – Merritt Hawkins
Job Search:®ionId=-1

The # 4 Neurology Job Posting – Learn 4 Good
Job Search:

The # 5 Career Advancement Company for Physicians – Practice Link
Job Search:

The # 6 Neurologist Physician Search – Jackson Physician Search
Job Search:

The # 7 Neurology Careers Firm – Practice With Us
Job Search:

The # 8 Neurologist Staffing Company – Global Medical Staffing
Job Search:

The # 9 Neurologist Locum Tenens Jobs – All 50 Medical
Job Search:

The # 10 Recruiting Agency for Neurologists – Health Care
Job Search:

Furthermore, you can also search for neurologist jobs under these job titles:

•    Attending Physician
•    Child Neurologist
•    General Neurologist
•    Neurophysiologist
•    Osteopathic Neurologist
•    Vascular Neurologist

This page is updated very often with the latest top 10, so ensure you save it. Press [CTRL + D] together to bookmark and save it...

Also navigate to the Neurologist Schooling page and view the best schools, colleges and universities that offer the top programs and degrees.

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