Guide To Los Angeles Legal Jobs

Have you been searching for Los Angeles Legal Jobs? And, landed up on Job Boards that list "n" number of Legal Jobs in Los Angeles, with none that you'd like to apply to?

Going through each & every listing on the search page, not only takes up your valuable time, but also makes you feel frustrated, and gives Zero Results. Well, don't fret.

What you need is a FRIEND who will take you by the hand and guide you each step of the way, and, give you invaluable data and information to search, apply and secure your DREAM "Los Angeles Legal Jobs".

I am Shabbir and along with my wifeTasneem, will guide you all the way. You will find below some exclusive information, that will place you well ahead on the path to realize lucrative Legal Jobs in Los Angeles. Please follow and "DO" each step. Tortoise it. Slow, but steady will win you the Job of your Dreams.

I have outlined several active as well as passive ways, which if followed to the "T" will collectively result in a number of TARGETED interviews for you. Then, "YOU" will be in the position to choose "THE JOB" for you. YOUR DREAM JOB. So, without much ado, let's jump right in and begin...

First. Bookmark this Page about Los Angeles Legal Jobs. (Add this page to your "FAVORITES"! Just hold down the "CTRL" key and touch "D").

Los Angeles Legal Jobs

[STEP 1]: Construct a Good Resume:
A resume that impresses, one that gets you the interview call. It's said that the first impression is the last impression. Couldn't be more true for a Resume.

Some Resume Tips, specifically for Los Angeles Legal Jobs:

  • Highlight your positive points and strengths.
  • Make sure to use the right keywords, (for online searches) power keywords that will bring your resume in front of others.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Two to three pages long, maximum.
  • No hobbies please.

Is it done? Submit Your Resume to us and we'll send it across to some of our contacts in Recruitment Agencies.

[STEP 2]: Job Boards - Resume Submit: Very widely used by seekers of Los Angeles Legal Jobs.

Submit your updated resume to these online job boards. They are extremely popular, and are used by the Human Resource Managers & Executives of the biggest and best Legal Firms in Los Angeles to search for prospective candidates. It will place you well ahead in securing lucrative Legal Jobs in Los Angeles.

The websites listed below have a registration form where you will upload your Resume and enter other details. (Click on the link to register):






[STEP 3]: Recruitment Agencies - Job Search: Search for the best Legal Jobs that you like, on websites of recruitment agencies in Los Angeles below:

  • Spherion Staffing Services:

  • Robert Half Legal:

  • Swan Legal Search:

  • The Agency - Legal Staffing:

  • Grimes Legal Search:

[STEP 4]: Top Los Angeles Law Firms - Resume Submit: Submit to the biggest and the best.

Submit your Resume to Firms employing some of the TOP Los Angeles Lawyers for in house legal jobs. These firms always have job vacancies for Los Angeles Legal Jobs.

  • Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP

  • O'Melveny Myers LLP:

  • Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP,

  • Latham & Watkins LLP

  • White & Case

Workcircle - find work fast

[STEP 5]: Online Newspaper Classifieds - Job Search: The Online versions of popular Newspapers have a "Jobs Available" section in their Classifieds columns.

Browse these to locate Los Angeles Legal Jobs. However, beware of scam recruiters.

  • Los Angeles Times:

  • DailyNews:

[STEP 6]: Classified Sites - Job Search: A "Jobs Available" section exists in online Classified sites.

You can browse these to locate Los Angeles Legal Jobs that fit in with what you are job hunting for.

  • Oodle:

  • LinkedIn:

  • eBay Classifieds:

  • Craigslist:

[STEP 7]: Jobs Forums: Register to login. Ask questions and receive answers from experts. About any topic related to Law.

  • AlloExpat:

  • City-Data:

[STEP 8]: Facebook: Socialize with other Recruiters & other Lawyers. Click on the "LIKE" button to join in the conversation.

  • Jobs in Los Angeles, California:

[STEP 9]: Email Alerts: Register yourself to receive matching Jobs Alerts via Email.


  • PJScout.Com:


Some Legal and Paralegal Jobs in Los Angeles are in the foll. categories:

  1. USA Judiciaries
  2. Arbitration
  3. Asset Finance / Securitization
  4. Banking & Finance
  5. Commercial
  6. Construction
  7. Corporate Finance & Capital Markets
  8. Cross-Border Transactions
  9. Corporate Structuring & Restructuring
  10. Employment Law
  11. Infrastructure Projects
  12. Insurance
  13. Intellectual Property / Franchising
  14. Investment Funds
  15. Litigation
  16. Mergers & Acquisitions
  17. Private Equity
  18. Real Estate
  19. Regulatory & Public law
  20. Shipping & Maritime
  21. Supply & Distribution
  22. Wills / Inheritance

If you have any suggestions or queries, Please Contact Us.

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