Behavioral Health Nurse Practitioner Hawaii

Job Title: Behavioral Health Nurse Practitioner

An exclusive role with Kahi Mohala Hospital, Hawaii, the details of this Hawaii Nursing Jobs are:


Located on 14.5 park-like acres, Kahi Mohala's 88-bed facility is Hawaii's only private, freestanding psychiatric hospital. Kahi Mohala provides comprehensive behavioral health services for adults, adolescents and children experiencing problems with psychiatric disorders, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. The buildings and grounds offer a complete residential and environment with an emphasis on patient safety and security.

About The Role:

1) Performs a mental health and medical screening exam on "walk in" patients to determine if admission criteria is met and to establish medical stability for admission directing those with unstable conditions to the Emergency Department for stabilization and medical clearance. Completes Admission Orders and the Nursing Assessment as time permits to assist the Nursing Care Units. Gives an oral report to the receiving unit.

2) Conducts History and Physical Exams on newly admitted patients referring complex cases to the Internist for review ensuring H&P is completed within 24 hours.

3) Provides quality medical assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for inpatient mental health patients of all ages experiencing mild to moderate medical problems (consulting with the Internist as indicated) and referring complex cases to the Internist for review as evidenced by quality improvement reviews and no valid complaints.

4) Orders and Evaluates diagnostic testing and provides follow-up care for patients as indicated as evidenced by no valid complaints.

5) Documents in the progress notes/consult requests each visit / intervention regarding patient care and completes required paperwork for billing of services provided as evidenced by no valid complaints.

6) Assists the Marketing Department by presenting presentations to Emergency Departments or by providing screening support at local Community Activities as requested.

7) Assists in the implementation of the annual Infection Control Program Plan including policies and procedures and staff education as requested by the Infection Control Nurse , in accordance with accreditation standards as evidenced by no valid complaints.

8) Conducts performance improvement activities related to Infection Control and Medical care ensuring accurate identification of areas for improvement (in accordance with accreditation standards) and communication of recommendations for activities as evidenced by no valid complaints.

9) Assists with the completion of monthly performance improvement reports related to NPSGs and other initiatives as established.

10) Documents knowledge of and ability to apply standards related to infection control and medical care (Joint Commission, Medicare, AMHD Policy and Procedure) resulting in clear communication of standards to nurses and other treatment providers directly and through formal orientation / education programs and application of Policy and Procedure as evidenced by no valid complaints.

11) Completes continuing education and inservice requirements to maintain required level of competence and licensure and provides educational programs to nursing staff as requested as evidenced by attendance and program presentation.

12) Performs other duties as required.

13) Completes 12 lead EKG's within 24 hours during normal working hours at LIP orders.


• ARNP-RX Licensed in the State of Hawaii and Credentialed as a FNP by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

• One year of experience performing routine examinations and providing medical care for patients of all ages is required. Experience with mental health patients is preferred.

• Crisis development and intervention; risk assessment and intervention; assessment and evaluation of substance abuse; assessment of major mental illness of adults and minors; assessment and evaluation of common medical conditions of all age groups; knowledge of conducting History and Physical examinations of all age groups; active listening skills; familiarity with mental health and placement recourses.

• Able to conduct psychiatric and medical screening assessments, notify "on call" psychiatrist and receive orders.

• Assess common medical problems and receive treatment orders from medical physician; perform phlebotomy.

Primary Location: Hawaii-Oahu-Ewa Beach

Organization: Kahi Mohala Hospital, Hawaii

Employee Status: Regular

Shift Hours: 8 Hour Shift

Shift Start Time: 10:00 - 1830

Schedule: Full Time

Hours Per 2wk Pay Period: 80 hrs.


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